A Bridge to the World of Work: Itineraries Program

20 Apr. 2021 | SOLTRA

The Personalized Socio-Labor Insertion Itineraries for People with Disabilities program has been developed at the SOLTRA Foundation since 2018

A Bridge to the World of Work: Itineraries Program

20 Apr. 2021 | SOLTRA

Employment is essential for all people, but in the case of people with disabilities, it is a path to normalization, is a source of identity and provides the possibility of feeling part of society. Work defines us as individuals, gives meaning to our lives and provides us with the necessary income to be able to develop. That is why the SOLTRA Foundation through the Personalized Itineraries Program of Socio-Labor Insertion seeks to help this group to enter the labor market, focusing on its potentials and putting its capabilities and skills in value.

The Itineraries programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund and is carried out in collaboration with the social services of the Junta de Castilla y León. In the realization of the different phases of training participate:

– Foundation Multidisciplinary Team

– Technicians of the Professional Activity Support Units

– SOLTRA HR Department

– Prevention Service staff

The personalized itinerary is designed using the person-centered planning technique, being able to include the whole set of actions that allow the improvement of the employability of the person with disabilities, taking into account their needs and interests within their life project. We are aware of the training needs of this group, as well as the requirements demanded from the work area, so the objective of this itineraries program is to offer resources and tools to gain skills both personally and professionally.

In the different training sessions participants train and develop their social skills and prepare in the different techniques and tools for job search.

Today the personal brand has become an important element when applying for a job, especially in interviews. That is why in the Itineraries Program we help participants to think about their strengths and enhance them, since it is the best way to project them in the image that others perceive of us and that is how we will be improving our own personal brand.

Another important feature in job training is the development of social skills and competencies, as well as practice for verbal and nonverbal communication.

The agenda also addresses strategies to support autonomy and conflict resolution, as well as the development of cross-cutting competences such as the importance of a good curriculum. In addition, they receive training in occupational risk prevention and specific practice for the workplace in which they will develop their practices (chain operator, handling, cleaning).

The Integrated Socio-Labor Inclusion Itineraries Program for Persons with Disabilities has been held at the SOLTRA Foundation since 2018 with the modalities of 180 hours/year and 200 hours/year. As of today, 140 people have gone through this program, of which 27% has joined employment, thus achieving an improvement in the degree of employability of this group through the theoretical-practical training received throughout the project.


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