A day of disability on the airwaves for Castile and León thanks to EsRadio

4 Dec. 2020 | SOLTRA

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the program Es la Mañana Castilla y León was broadcast from solTRA's facilities in La Virgen del Camino

A day of disability on the airwaves for Castile and León thanks to EsRadio

4 Dec. 2020 | SOLTRA

Every December 3, since 1992, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is commemorated, a day full of capacities, in which the objective is to promote the rights and well-being of this group in all areas of society.

On the occasion of this special date the program Es la Mañana Castilla y León de EsRadio, was broadcast from our facilities in La Virgen del Camino (León), by Arturo Martínez and Anahís Tirados, with the presence of several guests who dealt with this topic in depth.

The first to intervene was José Antonio Idoeta, CEO of SOLTRA,who explained to the broadcasters the purpose of this entity, created 20 years ago, in order to facilitate the social inclusion of people with different capacities through employment. For Idoeta “inclusion must be understood as acceptance of diversity, but always at the level of opportunities. All people all they need are opportunities, we all have different abilities.” In his speech he also highlighted the Itineraries Program that the SOLTRA Foundation carries out through its Residence and Occupational Center, through which about 200 people have already passed in the last 2 years of which 25% have a job.

Secondly, Juan Martínez Majo, territorial delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León, who pointed out that the Board always works alongside the most vulnerable groups, with an example the impetus to the Draft Law presented by the Family Counsellor, which ensures that persons with disabilities in the Community can participate and decide on their own lives. The Board strives to enhance closeness and early care. He did not want to finish his speech without extolling SOLTRA’s work as “a clear example of inclusion in the Community during these 20 years. Solidarity and Work perfectly define what is done from SOLTRA”, said the delegate after a subsequent visit to the facilities.

The program continued with the words of Francisco Rodríguez, Head of Psychiatry at the Hospital de León, who reviewed the situation before the Covid of patients with mental illness.

In a second block of this morning magazine, Juan Pérez, President of CERMI Castilla y León, claimed the need for disability to be present in the social and economic reconstruction of our country after the pandemic. After his words it was Pablo Rodríguez, Director General of the Family Counseling who conveyed to listeners the importance of equal opportunities and rights for all. To do this, the model of care for people with disabilities must be one that allows you to choose what you want to do throughout all stages of your life. Thus this new law represents a breakthrough in the protection of rights around three axes: life project (based on its potential), support service and priority access to services and resources.

On behalf of ASPRONA, an entity with 55 years of history in León, intervened its manager in the province, Pedro Barrios, who told us about the importance of mixed resources for the attention of family nuclei, as well as the transcendence of overcoming the digital divide that many of these people currently have. It therefore stressed the need to provide more resources and devices to avoid exclusion.

In the last minutes of the program, sport as an inclusion vehicle was the protagonist. We have the presence of José Mario Carrillo and Alejandro Lodos, players of the Handball Club Ademar León. An entity committed to inclusion through various activities in collaboration with SOLTRA.

To finish the special dedicated to disability, two SOLTRA workers, Angel Conde and Víctor de la Calzada told their experience in the company highlighting that disability is not at odds with achieving quality standards in all the activities they perform.

From here we want to thank EsRadio for the opportunity to give a little more visibility to disability.

“It’s not about having the right to be equal, it’s about having the same right to be different”

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