Camino Martínez “Impossible is not in my vocabulary”

11 Sep. 2019 | SOLTRA

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Camino Martínez “Impossible is not in my vocabulary”

11 Sep. 2019 | SOLTRA

Camino has been the first Spanish woman with Down Syndrome to win four gold and one silver medal in an official swimming world championship.
Born in Madrid in 1994 but with Leon roots, she has been swimming since she was very young. It is in 2014 when the successes began to arrive and thus in the Championship of Spain of that year broke three national records. Later, the international triumphs arrived: five gold medals at the European Championships for people with Down Syndrome in 2017, four golds and one silver at the World Championships held in Mexico that same year.
In 2018 she achieves five golds in the European Championships. She has also broken two world records and three continental ones. Also in 2018, she was awarded the Seven Stars Award for the Promotion of Values ​​of the Community of Madrid.
Let’s get to know her a little better:

– What age did you start swimming?
When I was about 4 years old.

-How do you train every day?
I train from Monday to Friday 3 hours a day, and some Saturday too.

-Your coach is Joaquín Juárez, What is it like to train with him and count on his support?
Training with him is a box of surprises, every day he surprises you with new things and makes us feel powerful.

– Since you started winning medals and breaking records in 2014, you haven’t stopped. What has been your most special triumph?
I will always remember my first international gold medal in 2016 in Florence.

– Who is the person or people you most admire?
Mireia Belmonte and my coach.

– Your next goal is the INAS World Cup in Australia in October. What expectations do you have?
First it is called, and if so get the highest number of medals.

– In addition to swimming, you say that you are passionate about interpretation. Would you like to combine it with sport?
I am trying although it costs a lot, now I am rehearsing The Sound of Music, I have also participated in the documentary ODA by director Eduardo Chapero-Jacksons.

– After all you’ve achieved, what dreams do you have left to fulfill?
Get the Paralympic Committee to include Down Syndrome in the Paralympics.

– If you had in front of a person with a dream as big as yours and that had to overcome a difficulty as you do, what would you say?
May they continue fighting and if they fall they will rise again, never give up, that dreams with struggle and effort are fulfilled.

Thanks Camino! Good luck in the next championships.

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