Day of sports : Soltra and Decathlon Foundation

16 Dec. 2019 | SOLTRA, SOLTRA

More than 80 people enjoyed a fun Gymkana for Inclusion

Day of sports : Soltra and Decathlon Foundation

16 Dec. 2019 | SOLTRA, SOLTRA

On November 30, Soltra staff enjoyed a sports gymkana in collaboration with the Decathlon Foundation.

The Decathlon Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people living in situations of risk of exclusion through sport and accompany them in their labor integration. Since its creation in 2005 about 315,000 people have benefited from its projects launched internationally.

Within this mission and in collaboration with SOLTRA and the Valverde de la Virgen City Council, a large sports gym was organized, which had as its scenario the facilities of the municipal pavilion of the Virgen del Camino and in which 80 people participated in different sports events like: archery, table tennis, indoor football and basketball.

At the end of the afternoon, the awards ceremony took place, after having replenished energies with a snack for all the participants, in which between laughter and faces of fatigue from the effort made, there was also time to comment on the best plays of the day.

Sport is a fun and healthy hobby that should be practiced by everyone, at all ages, regardless of condition or abilities.

Thus, the practice of sport entails an improvement in physical abilities that especially favors people with some type of disability: improvement of general coordination, help with body posture, development of spatial orientation, development of strength, endurance , flexibility and muscle tone, or improves the progressive level of learning and self-esteem.

In addition to physical benefits, sport also provides benefits related to the social field, impacting on the adaptation of people to their environment, generating a healthy and active population, and enhancing the values ​​of personal and collective responsibility in social development, putting Contact people with any kind of ability.

An activity from the campaign for Inclusion launched by SOLTRA, “Become incluencerr” whose purpose is to achieve a society in which we are all included.



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