INCLUENCER, a new term for inclusion. “become Incluencer”

29 Nov. 2019 | SOLTRA, SOLTRA

SOLTRA presents the campaign BECOME INCLUENCER for a more inclusive society

INCLUENCER, a new term for inclusion. “become Incluencer”

29 Nov. 2019 | SOLTRA, SOLTRA

Last Wednesday, November 27, the presentation of the new SOLTRA campaign, “Become Incluencer”, took place in the new facilities of Onzonilla (León).

The presentation ceremony was attended by, among others: the subdelegate of the Government in León D. Faustino Sánchez, the delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León in León D. Juan Martínez Majo, the mayor of Onzonilla D. Diego Lorenzana, the Mayor of San Andrés del Rabanedo Mrs. Camino Cabañas, the mayor of Valverde de la Virgen D. David Fernández, the vicar of Economic and Social Affairs of the Diocese of León D. Pedro Puente, the manager of Social Services of the Castilla Leon Government Mrs Carmen Naveira, … as well as a large number of representatives of institutions and different business and social associations in the city.

After almost twenty years, SOLTRA wants to take another step in its commitment to society and to the group of people with different abilities. That’s why created the #becomeincluencer movement. A campaign represented by a YES within a heart as a symbol of that great space in which YES we all fit.

In a society as media as the current one, in which we all use social networks, we are familiar with the term Influencer, in this way with a small pun related to inclusion, we have created the concept INCLUENCER.

From this media power that networks give us today, the launch of this new movement, aims to communicate that a society is not society if we are all included in it. That is the true social inclusion, which leaves no one out.

The main purpose of this movement is that society internalize the following message: “We are all equal in our differences, we are all people with rights and obligations; We all share needs, desires and future plans regardless of our capabilities; We are all essential and necessary ”.

The campaign will be launched immediately and online and offline actions will be carried out:
1- Web and Social Networks:
In the website you can register as INCLUENCER.
Profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube with all the news about inclusion.

2.- Talks and school workshops: training in inclusion through activities given by SOLTRA technicians in three sessions:
– Visit to the school: holding a participatory talk about stereotypes and prejudices.
– Visit to SOLTRA: during it the schoolchildren will be able to know the organization of work by skills.
– Contest: its objective is to promote literary creativity and address the reflection on the real and effective inclusion of people with different abilities. It will consist of a competition of short stories about inclusion. The winner will participate in the creation of a giant Graffiti that will be held every year.

3.- Bus INCLUENCER: labeling of a bus that will travel the streets of the city giving visibility to the campaign. It will be used to transport school children during their visit to SOLTRA.

4.- Merchandising: the campaign will be accompanied by promotional material such as flyers, badges, t-shirts …

SOLTRA invites you to become INCLUENCER, and that from your networks encourage others to join this campaign, because it is the duty and the right that we all give ourselves to be equal

Go to and join the movement.


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