Jose Antonio Idoeta, preacher of the feasts of La Virgen del Camino 2019

13 Sep. 2019 | SOLTRA, SOLTRA

"An opening speech from everybody because SOLTRA is a project from everyone"

Jose Antonio Idoeta, preacher of the feasts of La Virgen del Camino 2019

13 Sep. 2019 | SOLTRA, SOLTRA

Yesterday officially began the festivities of La Virgen del Camino and this year the manager of SOLTRA has been responsible for carrying out the local festival opening speech.

José Antonio Idoeta was presented to those attending the event by the mayor of the town D. David Fernández, beginning his speech with a short tour of the history of SOLTRA. He placed special emphasis on the connection of SOLTRA with the Route to Santiago and this town, because the terms “Solidarity and Work” and “La Virgen del Camino” proudly takes them into the name of the company.
He did not forget in his speech the mention of Mr Antonino and Mrs. Cinia, creators of this solidarity project together with the Dominican friars, Caja España (nowadays Unicaja) and Gureak as well as Mr. Carlos Fernández, his nephew, who is currently following his legacy with the same illusion.

It is a model that looks for the Way of Inclusion wherever it goes and that as of today already has 1000 workers among all its headquarters: La Virgen del Camino, Villadangos; Onzonilla, Puente Villarente in the province of León, and since February this year, with a presence in Denmark and Mexico. But always without forgetting its origin,working day by day demonstrating capabilities and in a continuous search for opportunities for all people.

He also highlighted in his speech the importance of the Mrs Cinia Residence in La Virgen del Camino, one of the 5 residences that exist in the Community of Castilla y León for people with mental illness.

Finally, his words were of thanks to all the inhabitants of La Virgen del Camino for all the facilities given for the development of the SOLTRA project, this being everyone’s project, of which we should be proud.

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