Lady Isabel, creativity and talent don’t understand chromosomes

14 May. 2019 | SOLTRA

"My secret is to open my mind fine, when it comes out it doesn't stop"

Lady Isabel, creativity and talent don’t understand chromosomes

14 May. 2019 | SOLTRA

Isabel García Salguero, Lady Isabel (León 1986), is a young Lioness with intellectual disabilities, fashion designer and creator of the Lady Isabel Design brand.

Since 2014 he works with the dressmaker Antonio Ramos and together they have already released 3 collections with 51 different models; Isabel creates and Antonio plays. The young designer also collaborates with other artists and designs accessories by the hand of several artisans.

In addition to getting her designs to parade on the catwalks and selling her creations through her online store, Isabel has been awarded the Red Cross Gold Medal and the Deloitte Solidarity Award 2017.

This May is the protagonist of the #somosextraordinarios campaign. We chatted with her to get to know her a little better:


How was the idea of designing clothes born?

I liked the idea of making designs and I took the paintings and a notebook and started.

My idea was to do a parade and have my friends dress up with my designs.

Where does your creativity come from? What do you think about when you start creating?

They come out of my mind, the way I feel, that’s how colors come out. I’m just doing it.

How has the experience of working with the dressmaker Antonio Ramos?

I’ve learned a lot, how fabrics work so that what I draw can be real.

I feel that he has been very supportive and that he loves me very much. I love him very much, too.

How was the experience of presenting your latest collection on the Spanish catwalk Fashion Week?

I really liked it, but I got tired.

I liked that it was my boy Oscar and my father Mario. And that people liked my designs.

I took out Paul, (which is my friend Begoña’s assistance dog) when I got the prize because he also wore one of my designs, his assistance dog peto that Antonio made him.

What’s your next project?

On March 21, the World Day of The Sindrome of Down, we have in Madrid a meeting of Poetry and Fashion, and I will also participate in several events of the Day of Women

I’m designing accessories, like handbags, and a new collaborator is going to make them for me in leather. We also wanted to make digital prints with my designs.

If you had in front of someone with a dream as big as yours, they have to overcome some difficulty. What would you say to him?

I would tell you to move on, seek the support of your family and others who know how to help you.

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