Maria Martin-Granizo at the presentation of the VAMOS scholarships

25 Jun. 2019 | SOLTRA

The young athlete ends the season in an event of the Higher Sports Council and Cola Cao.

Maria Martin-Granizo at the presentation of the VAMOS scholarships

25 Jun. 2019 | SOLTRA

María Martín-Granizo, the protagonist of last January in our campaign #somosextraordinarios shared an afternoon with us and transmitted her impressions of the 2018-2019 ski season that has just ended.

This young lioness who skis on one leg due to a femoral agenesis of birth proves with her character that nothing is impossible, you just have to propose it to her. From a very young age she wanted to be one more with her brothers and following in the footsteps of her family began to practice skiing helped by some slobs (short crutches that end in a skate) Her character and willpower have led her to be the first person in Spain with a disability competing in non-disabled competitions such as the Copa Cordillera Cantábrica and the Audi Quattro Cuptrophy.

In the words of her mother “she is stubborn by nature, you should have seen her the day she learned to take the ski lifts. It was a teleski, I don’t forget, and of course among the wicks and everything was very difficult for him to keep up. She would fall over and over again, I said Maria let’s go that we will continue another day, but she didn’t left for more than 4 hours that she was in the same ski lift until finally he got it”, of course example of the character of a champion who does not give up before Nothing.




Tell us about what this season has been like?
It’s been very intense, and positive for the truth. The Spanish Cup “Jesús Serra Foundation Trophy” that was held in Baqueira in February had to be cancelled due to bad weather, we spent the week locked in the hotel. In the end they changed it to April along with the Spanish Championship, in Baqueira as well. So first we played the Cup in which I won the gold in the Giant and Silver event in Slalom and within a few days the Spanish Championship in which I repeated results.


Apart from skiing we know that you like other sports Which are the ones you practice the most?
I love sports gymnastics but it happens to me as with other sports that charges my leg a lot and I can’t practice them. I also practiced swimming but I found it a little boring. Now that summer is here, what I like most is surfing. I’m at Lucas García de Salinas surf school and whenever I can, we run away to practice.


Are there aids for this type of sports?
At the moment there is not much but little by little. For example, the Foundation also created by Tesesa Silva is an example of a struggle for the social integration of people with disabilities through all kinds of sports that can be practiced inclusively, outdoors and in contact with nature. They collaborate to obtain adapted material, grants, organize events…

There are other specific aids such as the “Adarsa Heart” a scholarship that last year provided us with the adapted material or the “Vamos” scholarships of Colacao organized by the Higher Sports Council. Last year we got 15,000 euros and we bought the kits for the Leitariegos club in which I compete.

The other day we were in Madrid at the presentation of the second edition of these Colacao scholarships. It has been a very nice experience, i was opened many doors. This year has been great. I encourage people to submit their projects to me has all been very positive.


What are your plans for next season?
The first thing I have pending is knee surgery, which I will try to program in the best way so i don’t miss anything of the season. I want to participate in the maximum possible tests and at least repeat the results of this season.


Thank you very much Maria and thank you very much!

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