Miguel Gavilán: ” In the mountain you overcome challenges”

11 Nov. 2019 | SOLTRA

«In life we ​​must always have a dream and strive to achieve it»

Miguel Gavilán: ” In the mountain you overcome challenges”

11 Nov. 2019 | SOLTRA

Miguel Ángel Gavilán is a mountaineer who had an accident deprived him of one hand but not of his passion for the mountain. He has been passionate about climbing since he was a child, at the age of 12 he began to practice together with friends from the town where he lived.

Later he entered the army, where he continued as a ski and climbing teacher for the soldiers. It was during his stay in the military when he suffered a work accident involving explosives for which he lost a hand. After the accident, eight years passed without he approaching a mountain, but his friends encouraged him to try it and he discovered that he was able to overcome as many challenges as he intended and proposed to transmit that message to people in a similar situation .

Because of that, the “Mountaineers without barriers” project, arises joining mountains and disabilities, in search of, an opportunity for the integration of people with different abilities. He has joined 26 expeditions to places as incredible as the Himalayas, Alaska, the Andes, the Caucasus, the Alps or Africa.

Miguel Ángel is currently a mountain guide for people with disabilities, professor at the Madrid Ski and Mountain Center and director of the Adapted Mountain School of Guadarrama.

We talked a little with him to know him a little better:

You started climbing at eleven What brings you the mountain?
It brings me above all inclusion, equality, solidarity and peace.

After the accident, it took you eight years to return to the mountain. What made you come back?
Being able to teach and share with my son a philosophy of life, the mountain.

Now, you are not only a mountain climber, but also a mountain guide for people with any type of disability What
does this job give to you?
It give me a lot of gratification. Feel like a useful tool for athletes with different abilities to join
and live the mountain and the natural environment in its fullness.

How and why did the idea of ​​creating the Montañeros Foundation without Barriers arise?
It emerged as a consequence of the associative void in those years (2004) of intellectual and physical disability in the mountains.

After get everything you have proposed, do you have any dreams or challenges in sight?
Yes, make a new route on some great mountain.

-If you had someone with a big dream like yours in front of you who has to overcome a difficulty like you have
done what would you tell him?
I would say that the barriers are in our minds, we will try to fulfill our dreams. As Ghandi said “Victory lies in our effort”

Thanks Miguel Ángel!

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