New ideas, great alliances. SOLTRA & Masks Clinic Agreement

24 Feb. 2021 | SOLTRA

SOLTRA will be in charge of logistics, distribution, marketing and customer service.

New ideas, great alliances. SOLTRA & Masks Clinic Agreement

24 Feb. 2021 | SOLTRA

At SOLTRA we keep thinking about new projects and alliances that help us continue to bring value to society and contribute to the construction of a more inclusive and safer world.

In the midst of this global pandemic, in which citizen safety and protection are an emblem in these difficult times, we wanted to make a tiny contribution. And how did we do that?

Joining Mascarillas León,a Lioness entity that together with Imatec for manufacturing, has launched the sale of surgical masks for medical use Type II R,authorized by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS) and certified by Aitex, the most prestigious textile laboratory in the country.

SOLTRA will carry out the logistics, distribution, marketing and customer service of these masks.

Now that sanitary product regulations have been updated and quality controls have been tightened in both manufacturing and certification, it is important to emphasize that Clinic masks represent a plus of confidence in the market, since they are manufactured in Clean Room, which allows for maximum microbial cleaning.

Added to that they have a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.8%, similar to that applied by regulations (≥ 98%) to an FFP3 mask, a breathability of 52.7% combining safety and comfort, and are 100% resistant to all types of splashes, fluids or moisture. In addition, depending on the order volume, these can be customizable for your entity.

Finally, without leaving aside environmental responsibility, Clinic packages the masks in individual biodegradable film, thus facilitating the correct discarded after use.

So, from SOLTRA we join this great initiative. For effective, resistant, breathable, sustainable health protection, with the highest quality controls in processing, Lioness manufacturing and national and European raw materials.

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