Occupational Center.

We provide people with mental illness with the necessary resources to promote their autonomy and achieve their inclusion.

Occupational activity is a beneficial therapy for the health of people with mental illness. They need to prepare for reintegration into the world of work but by acquiring the necessary resources.

Their job insertion brings the limelight back to their lives through the construction of the vital project itself as a recovery axis for their own health. Psychosocial and labour support programmes facilitate the acquisition of social roles that avoid potential difficulties in their social integration.

Doña Cinia Residence and Occupational Center

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24198 Virgen del Camino, León
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Individualized Intervention Plan

We develop an Individualized Intervention Plan (PII) with each participant and in 3 areas:


Performing an occupational activity that allows you to develop work habits and skills that make it easy to integrate work through employment, whether adapted or not.


Training in skills and skills for social coexistence, as well as their orientation towards the use of the community resources necessary for their development and social relations.


Empowering and promoting personal autonomy, self-esteem and emotional balance that allows you to improve your quality of life.


Participants are divided into groups unless group cohesion and general participation objectives are staked.

  • Pre-work manual skills.
  • General knowledge.

Men and women, with mental illness and a degree of personal autonomy that allows them to participate in the activities of an occupational center.

The people who access this service have been valued with a Grado II of dependency by the Management of Social Services and access with a provision linked to the service. The percentage of the co-payment will depend on your economic capacity and is indicated in the dependency resolution.

The groups raised are homogeneous with different levels assigned depending on skill or ability and matter.

Social Worker, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Educators and Caregivers.

From 9:30 to 17:30 hours.

There are a total of 20 places, plus the 40 residents.


Services included
Occupational workshops. >INFO
Lunch and food (Modifiable menu on prescription).
Personal attention.
Individualized Intervention Plan (PII).

Services at an additional cost
Vending (coffees, soft drinks, pastries and snacks).
Accompaniment to arrangements.

Pre-work project

Aware of the value of work as an engine towards their own personal fulfillment and social inclusion, we develop activities to enhance their capacities in a standardized environment and with the follow-up of the Occupational Therapist. Each activity will be:

Used in itself as a stimulus to cognitive development, an organizer of daily life and a vehicle for social relations.

It allows the economic autonomy necessary to play an active social role.

Socially valued
It increases their self-esteem by being aware of the social recognition of jobs equivalent to their activity.



1. Laundry and Sewing

  • Folded towels.
  • Folding personal clothes.
  • Marking of garments.
  • Resident clothing selection
  • Put a washing machine on.
  • Laundry.


  • Materials: tables, chairs, shelves...
  • Space: laundry.

2. Office Cleanup

  • Cleaning of trays and cutlery.
  • Sweep and scrub office.


  • Materials: dishwasher (products handled only by professionals), carts, gloves, scouring pads, mop...
  • Space: office.

"The Evaluation is carried out daily by direct observation and by a record in which punctuality, relationship with colleagues, interest, obedience are measured...

The Occupational Therapist will perform the evaluation of the participants until they can perform the tasks on their own without constant supervision."


Occupational Therapist: Sara Torre

A day at the office

“Every night I do the cleaning activity of the office, that is, I clean the kitchen utensils that we use for dinner. For me this pre-work activity is very satisfying to me because it is as if it were a job.

They call it office because it is where are the fridges in which we store food, the oven where we are heated food, the dishwasher in which I have to put the trays that I clean, cutlery, glasses, etc.

I am very happy doing this activity because I feel useful and therefore it is as if I were a worker more. It has also helped me to meet rules, proposed objectives, organization and responsibility.

I like people to tell me when I’ve done the job right, because I find myself done.

Finally, I would like to tell you that I encourage you to carry out activities of this kind because you will be able to feel more useful and you will see that even if you have a disability we are also valued.”

Mª Angeles



Occupational Center




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