SOLTRA, a company committed to the environment

4 Jun. 2020 | SOLTRA

World Environment Day reminds us of the importance of preserving our environment. Stopping the loss of biodiversity is possible with adequate management in the development of industrial and service activities. At SOLTRA we are committed to it.

SOLTRA, a company committed to the environment

4 Jun. 2020 | SOLTRA

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, a date indicated in the United Nations calendar to raise awareness about the protection of nature. In 2020 the chosen motto is Biodiversity, understood as the variety of living things on the planet as the basis of life: clean water, clean air, nutritious food … it all depends on biodiversity.

At SOLTRA, we are aware of the importance of proper environmental management and preservation of the environment, therefore we have developed a business culture of environmental awareness that encompasses our staff, customers, suppliers …

Thus, since 2013, all our activities have an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.

According to our commitment to the environment, we base our actions on the principles established by our Quality and Environment Management Policy:

  • Compliance with all legal and any other requirements that relate to the environmental aspects of the organization.
  •  Commitment to continuous improvementin environmental matters and pollution prevention.
  • Minimize our waste generation and provide training and resources to our employees to actively collaborate in this cause.
  • Establish an optimal controlof HAZARDOUS waste that we generate by the activity we provide, being the fundamental basis to favor the relationship of our company with the environment.

SOLTRA annually establishes a series of environmental requirements, which by monitoring established indicators demonstrate compliance.

The environmental indicators that are considered relevant for the performance of our different activities are: ELECTRIC CONSUMPTION, GASOIL CONSUMPTION, WATER CONSUMPTION, GAS CONSUMPTION, PAPER CONSUMPTION AND AMOUNT OF NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE. All our indicators have objectives to be met throughout the year and are subjected to monthly evaluations to analyze their evolution and carry out interventions if they deviate from the established objectives.

Among the acts that we are carrying out on the occasion of our 20th Anniversary, last January, which we dedicate to the environment, we carry out the planting of a tree that is synonymous with sowing life, for all the benefits it brings to both Nature as Humanity.

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