SOLTRA APS receives the 2023 Disability Award from the Danish municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern

15 Dec. 2023 | SOLTRA

This award recognizes an organization or company that makes an extra effort to include citizens who are marginalized from the labor market

SOLTRA APS receives the 2023 Disability Award from the Danish municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern

15 Dec. 2023 | SOLTRA

SOLTRA ApS has been awarded the 2023 Disability Prize by the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern This recognition distinguishes companies or organizations that make exceptional efforts to include citizens outside the labor market SOLTRA’s dedication to this purpose makes it an exemplary model of social economy in the region.

During the ceremony held at SOLTRA’s production facilities on the outskirts of Tim, the company’s commitment and significant contribution were highlighted. A notable fact is that 27% of the workers were absent that day, highlighting the daily challenge of motivating some employees to attend work. This reality underscores SOLTRA’s commitment to genuine and meaningful inclusion in the labor market. Wind Department Manager, José Ramón Martínez, welcomed everyone and thanked the award on behalf of the company’s management. In his speech, Martínez emphasized that SOLTRA, a non-profit entity, aims for social inclusion through employment, generating over 1000 jobs across three countries. He expressed gratitude to local authorities for their support and collaboration, acknowledging the customers who have made this growth possible, especially VESTAS, and emphasized the importance of the SOLTRA team, attributing them the merit of the award and highlighting that what truly matters are the people.

As a subcontractor of Vestas and established in Ringkøbing-Skjern in 2019, SOLTRA operates in market conditions but stands out as a social economy enterprise. This approach has enabled 72 candidates from the Employment Center to secure permanent jobs in the nearly four years of SOLTRA’s existence in Denmark. Among them, 25 are workers with flexible jobs, 19 come from integration initiatives, and individuals from 18 different nationalities have been hired.

Gitte Foldager Pedersen, President of the Disability Council, praised SOLTRA for its work, highlighting that the company has become a place where workers acquire solid job skills. This preparation has led to 16 former employees securing normal employment in other companies, which is a notable achievement..

SOLTRA’s close collaboration with the municipality’s Employment Center has been crucial in recruiting citizens who have distanced themselves from the conventional labor market, whether due to physical or mental challenges or prolonged illness. This partnership has opened job opportunities for those who, for various reasons, had withdrawn or never had employment.

SOLTRA’s commitment to inclusion extends beyond its own sphere. SOLTRA’s commitment to inclusion extends beyond its own sphere. Karsten Mikkelsen, production manager, expressed hope that other companies can contribute to social responsibility by allocating part of their production to companies like SOLTRA, thereby making a significant difference for a vulnerable group of workers.

In line with this vision, Kim Ulv Christensen, Employment Manager of the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern, expressed a desire for more companies to follow SOLTRA’s example. He hopes that this initiative not only inspires other organizations but also contributes to transforming the work culture to create genuine opportunities for people with disabilities in the ordinary labor market.

The municipality’s ambitions go further, aiming to become a national knowledge center for creating real employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This ambition reflects the genuine commitment and determination to make the municipality a leader in labor inclusion.


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