SOLTRA, a company committed to equality. 2019-2023 Plan

19 Jul. 2019 | SOLTRA

On May 30th, the 2019-2023 Equality Plan was signed

SOLTRA, a company committed to equality. 2019-2023 Plan

19 Jul. 2019 | SOLTRA

SOLTRA is a company involved with equal opportunities between women and men in all areas, both work and social and in tune with these principles, on May 30th the Equality Plan 2019-2023, which commits to promoting new policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, with the implementation of different measures aimed at the development of gender equality within the Organization.
During the period 2018-2019 a diagnostic process has been carried out for the elaboration of the measures and policies to be implemented in accordance with the socio-labor reality of SOLTRA,with the following purposes:
– Eliminate imbalances between women and men, improving the working climate.
– Optimize human resources.
– Promote work, personal and family reconciliation.
– Prevent sexual harassment and harassment based on sex.
– Project a positive image of the company.

For this previous diagnosis, as well as the subsequent elaboration of the Equality Plan, the supervision of the Junta de Castilla y León has been used through the IOenterprises and the Advisory Service for Enterprise Equality Plans and Measures by the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities (WIEO).

The “Equality Committee” is responsible for the implementation and development of the Equality Plan. This committee is composed of a joint team of persons representing the company and the workers.

The measures taken will be progressively made public and training plans will be made to all persons involved in the process.

SOLTRA’s commitment is to enhance people’s abilities, regardless of gender or condition, signing this plan is yet another step for effective equality among the people who make up this great family.

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