SOLTRA reaffirms its commitment to parity in the II Equality Plan

4 Jul. 2023 | SOLTRA

Renewal of our company's Equality Plan for 2023-2027

SOLTRA reaffirms its commitment to parity in the II Equality Plan

4 Jul. 2023 | SOLTRA

SOLTRA has reaffirmed its commitment to gender equality by renewing its Equality Plan. The new plan, which runs through 2027, reinforces our determination to promote a fair and equitable work environment.

In 2019, SOLTRA took an important step by signing its first Equality Plan, and now, with the renewal of this commitment, the goal is to further consolidate and improve its policies and practices in favor of equal opportunities between men and women.

Exhaustive study and analysis of the company’s quantitative and qualitative data, carried out in compliance with RD 901/2020, of October 13, which regulates equality plans and their registration, reveals that SOLTRA is in a balanced situation in terms of participation of men and women in the organization. Female representation in workforce is 45%, while male representation is 55%

However, despite this generalized balance, certain departments, such as gardening department, have been identified as having a marked masculinization, with a distribution of 10 men and no women. These disparities highlight the need to take specific measures to promote greater diversity and gender equity at every level and area of the company.

One of the highlights of the new Equality Plan is the prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment. Although SOLTRA has a general plan of action in situations of workplace harassment, it has been updated, reviewed and improved.

Main objectives of SOLTRA’s Equality Plan include promoting the principle of equal treatment between women and men, guaranteeing the absence of discrimination based on sex and its associated circumstances, eliminating any form of discrimination in promotion and internal selection, preventing sexual and gender-based harassment, and promoting the reconciliation of professional and personal life for all employees.

Company also undertakes to promote equal opportunities through communication and training actions at all organizational levels, as well as to improve the situation of equal opportunities between men and women through specific measures in different areas of the company.

SOLTRA demonstrates its firm commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable work environment, where men and women have the same opportunities for professional development and feel valued and respected at all times.

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