The Spanish Wheelchair Handball National Team visits SOLTRA

15 Nov. 2022 | SOLTRA

The national team is currently training in León for the World Cup in Portugal on 18 November.

The Spanish Wheelchair Handball National Team visits SOLTRA

15 Nov. 2022 | SOLTRA

Once again, the Spanish Wheelchair National Team will make a stop in León for a training camp between the 12th and 16th of this month, which will serve as preparation for the World/European Championship to be held in Portugal on the 17th and 20th of November.

The Spanish team faces this historic event after a year of exponential growth, following their participation in the EURO Hand 4 All, where they achieved third place after taking on France, Belgium and Portugal.

Yesterday, taking advantage of the breaks between training sessions, they visited the facilities of the social initiative company SOLTRA, in La Virgen del Camino. During the visit, the members of the Spanish team toured the different facilities it has: marketing, automotive and laundry, where they learned first-hand about its lines of activity and the important social work it carries out.

Afterwards, they visited the training workshops of the Itineraries Programme of the SOLTRA Foundation. These programs are co-financed by the European Social Fund and are carried out in collaboration with the social services of the Junta de Castilla y León with the aim of helping the group of people with disabilities to join the labor market, valuing their abilities and abilities.

The visit ended with a visit to the Doña Cinia Residence and Occupational Centre where the residents and users of the centre explained their inclusion and promotion of autonomy on a daily basis.

A handball team that is committed to Inclusion by joining the Hazte Incluencer movement, giving visibility to the importance of diversity in sport and in our society as a whole.

At the international event in Portugal, the Spanish national team, led by coach Ricardo Alonso, will be made up of the same squad as in recent years:

Goal| Mariano Ayala (CB Parla), Vicente Sánchez (CB Parla)

Central | Pablo José González (CB Parla)

Left Side | Óscar Perales (Inclusport CyL), Francisco del Pino (CB Parla), Miguel García (CB Parla)

Left Edge | Susana Rincón (CB Parla), Lucía Martín (Inclusport CyL)

Righ Edge | Javier Calleja (Inclusport CyL), Víctor Fernández (Inclusport CyL), Diana Cantalejo (CB Parla), Francisco Javier Cazurro (Inclusport CyL)



18 de noviembre, a las 12:00 horas | Hungría: España

18 de noviembre, a las 16:00 horas | España: Pakistán

19 de noviembre, a las 10:00 horas | Noruega: España

19 de noviembre, a las 14:00 horas | Pakistán: España


Thank you for your visit and good luck in the World Cup!

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