V Anniversary Residence and Occupational Center Doña Cinia

6 May. 2019 | SOLTRA

On May 3rd, the opening of this Residence and Occupational Center was five years old, a reference in Castile and León.

V Anniversary Residence and Occupational Center Doña Cinia

6 May. 2019 | SOLTRA

There are already five years that are fulfilled of the inauguration of the Residence and Occupational Center Doña Cinia. Last week family and workers of the center enjoyed a very special day.

At 12 a.m. a commemorative gala was held in which the “Know and Win” contest was highlighted. The two teams made up of residents of Dña Cinia showed their great spirit of improvement with a brilliant performance of them. The test ended with a tie between the two sets.

Attendees were also able to enjoy moments of laughter. Two of the residents shared with those present their best repertoire of jokes.

The most exciting moment of the gala was undoubtedly the handover to all residents of a decoration for their achievements.

The morning culminated with a dance where family, residents and workers joined the music accompanied by songs known to all.

After lunch, the evening events began with reading several very exciting stories written by our residents, some of them participating in various literary contests.

To finish the celebration of such an emotional day, the attendees enjoyed a snack whose main course was the pastries made by our residents, being a success.

One more year the Doña Cinia Residence and Occupational Center continues to work on its goal of promoting community inclusion and the promotion of people with mental illness through its Individualized Itineraries project, helping participants in the construction of its Life Project.

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