We celebrate the XI SOLTRA Golf Tournament “Road to Inclusion”

28 May. 2019 | SOLTRA

We celebrate the XI SOLTRA Golf Tournament “Road to Inclusion”

28 May. 2019 | SOLTRA

We celebrate the XI SOLTRA Golf Tournament “Road to Inclusion”

28 May. 2019 | SOLTRA

In its quest for the normal integration into society of people with different abilities, SOLTRA not only focuses on doing so through employment, but regularly organizes cultural and sporting events as in this case the “El Camino” Golf Tournament, where is leisure and sport the vehicle for inclusion.

Proof of the great reception, which year after year supports this initiative, has been the more than a hundred people who met on May 25, in the facilities of LeónGolf, to enjoy a day of coexistence and vindication by a society more incl usiva.

The Guipuzcuana Atzegi Association, which works for people with intellectual disabilities, promoting a friendly environment that facilitates their social inclusion, thus contributing to forming a more inclusive, fairer and more has also participated in the Tournament with a wide representation.

Companies such as Eslauto, Eirtel, Dydsa, HM Hospitals and of course Leon Golf with its unbeatable facilities, make it possible for one more year this tournament to take place.

The day was enlivened with live musical performances, as well as numerous golf initiation workshops and various competitions developed in parallel to the tournament for professionals.

To put an end to this edition all the participants were able to enjoy a paellada prior to the awards ceremony and closing of the tournament.

The winners of this edition have been:


1st Male Category:

  • Cesareo Viloria Alonso
  • Leandro Rodriguez Aparicio

2nd Male Category

  • Alvaro Diez Barriada
  • Pedro Porto Suarez

Unique Female

  • Ana Belen Carnero Rodriguez
  • Justina Fernandez Iban

Child Category

  • Jose Antonio González Tascón

Scratch Winner

  • Pablo Rebolleda Díez


From SOLTRA we want to thank you for your support and participation one more year.

See you next year!

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